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Why Oh Why

do some people refuse to accept new things?


Sad but…

…mediocre content is often masked by attractive packaging.

And corollary to that is it is pointless to have great content if your packaging is sub standard.

I Dislike

Men showing their authority by shouting at their wives

Glad I am not married to such a man

The Worst Thing…..

…or the worst kind of experience is to be lonely in a crowded place.


Ajji was right…..

People always wait like hawks to find out the tiniest of your mistakes. A hundred good deeds are overlooked/forgotten, but not a single little error.



Seen on the board of Dept of Community Medicine

“A Ship is safe in the dock

But is that where a ship is meant to be?”


Blogging, reading blogs, commenting on blogs has been on a low of late. Kindly put up with me. And blame my schedules, studies and that ounce of laziness..and my renewed interest in Orkutting that too eats up a major chunk of my time online……

The “Random Thought” Bug Strikes

Blogging here for a change…

I wonder…..

On my way back from the market today I dropped my shopping bag and out came tumbling some onions, some of my veggies and my groceries. A lady carefully walked past me, trying not to step on the veggies. Probably just a few years older than me. Some other people walked past to. No signs of help absolutely. Not that I was in a bad situation, but had I been one of the spectators I would have definitely helped. I usually do. Are people really getting insensitive as the elders say…or am I expecting too much? I don’t really know……

I really don’t like the thought of having guests over on Sundays, rather especially on Sundays. Nor do I really enjoy being a guest. Am I turning antisocial? Having guests over means cleaning the house, taking out good crockery and plates (which means the added job of washing them too. You see, the good cutlery falls in the “no maid zone”) And not to mention chopping a onions again and again and again. Also answering questions which go like “What are you going to do your PG in?” or “Going to do your PG?”, or even explaining that all interns do a rural posting….or explaining where Nagesh works….and all that.

Off the boards

Somethings I read of late which I liked a lot…

On the board of Dept of Community Medicine: Don’t tell your problems to people. 80% don’t care about them and 20% are glad you have them.

On the Dept of Anatomy board, courtesy Dr. Manu Kothari


DAMned Hussain!!