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Why Oh Why

do some people refuse to accept new things?


Why am I here…

Now and then even I wonder. I started blogging in Jan 2006 here at blogger. Blogging was common then, and had gained popularity in India. So I was all excited and blogged rather avidly. Show a kid a chocolate and he want a boxful. So was I, greedy you can say, when I started blogging and thought that I must have more than just one blog. Little did I realise I was competing with my readership!

Moreover I saw more and more people switch to WP from blogger. That tempted me to have a WP blog of my own. So I am here, competing with my own blog for readership!

Still my primary blog is with blogger. That is because I am familiar more with the blogger interface and familiarity breeds comfort.

Still I shall maintain this blog by writing sporadically. Hope I gather some readership soon!!

Sad but…

…mediocre content is often masked by attractive packaging.

And corollary to that is it is pointless to have great content if your packaging is sub standard.

I Dislike

Men showing their authority by shouting at their wives

Glad I am not married to such a man

The Worst Thing…..

…or the worst kind of experience is to be lonely in a crowded place.


Ajji was right…..

People always wait like hawks to find out the tiniest of your mistakes. A hundred good deeds are overlooked/forgotten, but not a single little error.



I would say its a crime to keep any expectations from anyone at all. May it be your spouse, your parents, friends, siblings or anyone on this earth.  (Although about children I am not too sure since I have no children.) For when these expectations are not met, it is we who end up getting hurt.

From making statements like “I didn’t expect this from you”, “This is the least I expected from you”  or “I expect at least you to do/understand this/me”, Good Lord, Deliver