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Why am I here…

Now and then even I wonder. I started blogging in Jan 2006 here at blogger. Blogging was common then, and had gained popularity in India. So I was all excited and blogged rather avidly. Show a kid a chocolate and he want a boxful. So was I, greedy you can say, when I started blogging and thought that I must have more than just one blog. Little did I realise I was competing with my readership!

Moreover I saw more and more people switch to WP from blogger. That tempted me to have a WP blog of my own. So I am here, competing with my own blog for readership!

Still my primary blog is with blogger. That is because I am familiar more with the blogger interface and familiarity breeds comfort.

Still I shall maintain this blog by writing sporadically. Hope I gather some readership soon!!


I’m Back

Done with my entrance exams. On 14th jan and 21st jan. The chances of me getting through in this attempt are slim, slimmer after I know what I have done in my papers. Anyways for some time I am back to dedicated blogging……