An anesthesiologist from Mumbai. I love reading and writing and I have concluded, that if not a doctor, I would have chosen to be a writer. And my dream is to author at least one book, preferably fiction, short stories in this lifetime! Considering how ‘focused’ I am now on certain things, that looks like a very remote possibility. One more old lost in time and unrealized dream I have is to know 10 languages fluently. Not even half way there, unfortunately.

Die hard optimist. Happy always by choice. A great believer in God, good karma and natural justice.

I love my friends and family, to a fault at times.

I choose to listen more that I talk. And think a lot on all that I see, observe, hear and derive from all these. And all these complex interactions, calculations and pondering often are the raw material for my blogs….


3 responses to “ME!!

  1. nice blog.
    current blew off while writting.
    so rest later,

  2. Hey nice blog here…..jus happened to pass by…. 🙂

  3. Hello Doctor!!

    How are you?

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