My Visual DNA

Inspired by Aditi


8 responses to “My Visual DNA

  1. ahh finally someone who is a junkie monkey like me

  2. I also wanna junkie monkey how do i go about it

    How do I post DNA on my blog ?

  3. hey im a junkie monkey and a love bug too =)…

  4. Hi aditi and choco…my fellow junky monkeys!

    HKJ: Take the test, get the widget for your test and post it in the HTML of your post..hope Im clear?!

  5. hey Varsha I took up the tag!

  6. I have done it. Thanx

  7. awesome! Mebbe I will get one of em myself then comes the difficult chore of digging out pictures that are me:) hehe. Surely that will be less troublesome than updating a blog!

  8. hey thnx.. even i was tryin to post my visual dna on my blog…

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