The Finger

I spot her in the crowd…run to her.
“Kitni umar hain bacche ki?”
No reply….she just showed me the finger.

I spot him in the crowd. His eyes meet mine…he nods…and shows me the finger.

Ahh….thats how the days are in the life of a “Pulse Polio” intern.

[For the uninitiated, any kid who has recieved the Polio vaccine on the immunisation day gets a mark on his little finger, to identify the unvaccinated ones.]


8 responses to “The Finger

  1. lol! Good one!

  2. i was wondering what was with the finger

  3. me too wondering

  4. hey mine did not get the mark on the finger
    thanbks for dropping by my blog

  5. i like it – i was about to say the audacity of the little one to show u the finger..

  6. Good One 🙂

    Me too was wondering what was with the finger – that too a kid !!

  7. Hey Varsha,
    Its wonderful to read your blogs.
    Your sense of humour and simplicity shines through your writings.
    Keep up the good work.


  8. hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………….
    good one varsha!!
    so how many fingers did u get to see??????

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