Seen on the board of Dept of Community Medicine

“A Ship is safe in the dock

But is that where a ship is meant to be?”


Blogging, reading blogs, commenting on blogs has been on a low of late. Kindly put up with me. And blame my schedules, studies and that ounce of laziness..and my renewed interest in Orkutting that too eats up a major chunk of my time online……


3 responses to “Today

  1. Varsha,i think.i’ve met u in orkut once?

  2. Interesting quote. I think it’s the dilemma we face in life a lot, isn’t it. Do we want to take the conservative route and be safe or do we want to break new ground and risk money, career, love or other things!

  3. Yeah….am stealing time outta orkutting to blog these days 😉

    Add me on orkut too…ma profile is put up on ma blog…

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