The Chandelier…Photos

Refer to my previous blog……here are the photos of our new chandelier, courtesy Nagesh


23 responses to “The Chandelier…Photos

  1. Wow! It looks like an exoctic flower!

  2. i always wondered… in older times when chandeliers used to be lit by candle… how many hours did it take to clean the damm thing up?

  3. nice…I remember one nice chandelier we had when I was in school…which I had to clean one sunday a month!

  4. Jhakaasss!!!!

    Baarish ka mausam jaari rahe !!!

  5. @ MG..yaa….it does

    @ Anshul..thanks

    @ Pegasus/D@C…cleaning of this one worries me….

    @ Aparna…hain rahega!!

  6. Woaaah it looks like something out of Umarao Jaan!

  7. hey varsha ..happened to read ur blog…u write well…was nice reading thm…and yes this chandelier is jus awesome!!

  8. beautiful chandelier…

  9. Beautiful one re …


  10. Exquisite !

  11. ooh! it’s charming!! i’ve ALWAYS wanted a chandelier. hmp. someday, when i’ll have my own house and lots of money (hee), i shall decorate my house with these delightful pieces of decoration! 😀

  12. wow!!!
    work of art…truly!!

  13. I wud kill for that lovely chandelier!!


    This is just amazing….

    btw, belated diwali wishes to you dudette!!!

  14. Beautiful 🙂

  15. The 1st photo is awesome!!

  16. its beautiful.. especially the first darker picture!

  17. @ All..thanks, the second pic is more so that you get an idea of the depth of the chandelier. 1st one is indeed a beauty

    @ Sneha..wish the day comes soon

    @ Arz000n….Happy Diwali to you too….whom do you plan to kill…not me I hope :))

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