Nine Wierd Things About Me….

I have been tagged by Mumbai Girl.

The rules of the tag are:

State nine things (weird or otherwise) about yourself. Then tag 6 others, and also let them know that you’ve tagged them by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here’s my Wierd Quotient

  1. I can’t keep my cupboards tidy. I set about 50% of it and then I get bored so 50% remains in a mess. Then I turn the remaining 50% into a mess in no time. So my cupboards are perennially messy
  2. I don’t like to wear accessories. Although I get many of those as gifts I never wear them. So I don’t appear as hip and fashionable as girls my age…and it doesn’t bother me much on most days. But I am crazy about good perfumes. If I leave home without one on I feel incomplete.
  3. I am a very secretive person. I rarely share things on my mind. Sometimes causes me troubles.
  4. Strong odours give me a headache. It could be any perfume, stench or even too much hing in food.
  5. I have a strange thing for piling up things. Literally so too. So I pile up my books, my clothes and anything that can be piled. If my books are lying around, instead of putting them in their place I pile them up on my table.
  6. I am a big worrier. An problem in my mind is constantly churned, pondered over and this causes me a great deal of anxiety and troubles.
  7. I love music. And I want to be able to play many musical instruments. I play keyboard by the ear. Leave me with a keyboard I can play it for hours. I listen to songs whenever I can and I constantly have a song running in my ears. Even then I rarely hum a song and this makes my mom feel I am melancholy….which I am not
  8. I am quite bad at spellings and use often when I blog
  9. I got myself a pair of contact lenses with great enthusiasm since I didn’t like wearing spects. But I rarely use them. Just ocassionally. After buying them I realised I am much more comfortable with my spects and I feel incomplete if I don”t wear them.

I tag


20 responses to “Nine Wierd Things About Me….

  1. ohh another tag…
    is it an epidemic of Tags????

    BTW one of your tags will never complete , 2 reasons
    You have misspelled his name and then wrong link too

  2. You did not tag me :(((

  3. 1, 5, 6 apply to me too. Cupboard cleaning is exhausting.

  4. @ Aparna…damage undone. I always confuse his url. Spelling I shall remember

    @ Nagesh…kindly complete the first tag..then the next will follow. Aparna might be nice enough to pass on this tag to you…. 🙂

    @ MG…good I am not alone 😀
    Many things on your list applied to me too

  5. ooh unless i am in a frenzy i get distracted while cleaning too.. i eventually get back on track and finish but there is a strong possibility of me drifting
    that and strong smells make me feel like i dont have enough air
    I just did something similar but thank god only had to do 6

  6. hmm a strong perfume just gave me the worse headache ever yesterday, and lol when i clean I GO CRAZY, like when i cleaned my car, i was cleaning it for 5 hours, but usually im messy.
    haha.. yes i did just do a similar tag, but its all good ;)!!

  7. point 3, secretive person. Blogging will help you to open up 🙂

  8. ure tag’s up!!

  9. @ Aditi…glad! all the messies, UNITE

    @ Choco gal…good, lemme check it out

    @ Ganesh…long time no see…shall try

  10. These are very normal, Varsha. You should see some wierdos! I am with you on nos. 2, 3 and 4.

  11. one common thing we share..strong odours do give me headaches also…

  12. LOL..
    U say u love perfumes and then u say they give u a headache!!

    he he he ….

  13. I hereby refuse to get tagged..
    Watch out for my response to the tagging epidemic on my blog

  14. @ Anumita….ya I did see many wierdos later on!!

    @ Shruti…cool..we are a decent bunch here

    @ Aberrant…I said STRONG perfumes give me a headache

    @ Abhijit…I like your spirit…you come here, refuse, and publicise your blog too….Inspite of being aware that I have seen your response. I hereby CANCEL the tag on Abhijit….

  15. 9 things? Hmmm, this tag started out with 6. :p Multiplicity 😀

  16. hey thanks for tagging me but been awfully lazy abt getting around to it, sowee no excuses!

  17. @ John…probably… =)

    @ MD…take your own time and let me know when you are done

  18. lot of similar quirks

  19. i think accessories can add value to women’s beauty .

  20. “My mom feel I am melancholy….which I am not”

    I dunno wy mom’s feel taht way…my mom also feels the same about me 😛

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