After almost 6 months of KEM I have picked up a few typical medical college youngster words, which have begun contaminating my non medico conversations with non medico people.

Manjan (Hindi/Marathi)…meaning a headache or a great botheration.

eg. “Woh houseman bahut manjan hain yaar…. ”

“Yeh kaam matlab ek manjan hain”

Batti (Hindi/Marathi)….batti is something you get. Its nothing but getting scolded for any or no reason.

eg. “Abhi mera senior muze batti dega. Kya manjan Admi hain re woh”

“Yeh kaam nahi hua to batti milegi yaar”

Watch out for more…..


3 responses to “Vocabulary

  1. Really manjan to me is dant manjan aur bartan manjna

  2. i guess “yeh school he mera liye manjan hai”..
    hehe.. good post

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