Working in a sad department, under sad(ists) people can be stressful. But good co workers can help you endure. And bad ones make it all the more worse….

Me with one “bad one” at present. That person complements me so damn well. I work hard, she just works. I am sincere, she isn’t. I attend daily, she doesn’t. So I am the one whos seen and bear the brunt of angry senoirs..she doesn’t. Sigh what an irony.

On the bright side…just 2 more days to go…YIPPIE


7 responses to “Sigh

  1. yipeee.. waise this is the gynec dept?

  2. @ Aditi..yess…glad gyn at KEM is getting over on 116th..then Wadia…better than this

  3. Hiee Varsha,
    pretty nice blog here..Liked da title of dis blog..

  4. oh im sorry, sucks that she/he doesnt pull their half of the weight. i hate when im in group projects and i end up doing all the work. lol, i know lives of patients and group projects, doesnt quite meet the analogy requirement, but oh well..

    ure almost done though =)..

  5. Heeeyy.. wordpress huh!! Hmmm, lemme see now. I’m tempted too, but I guess the fancy bits of code can’t be put in here like in blogspot.

  6. Nice lay out. The blogs looks cool.

    I have colleagues like that but my belief is time will expose who is working and who is not. Until then only patience pays.

  7. @ Gangadhar..Thanks!

    @ Pooja…ya almost done..last day tomorrow. And project/ is work and shirking is BAAD…anology works pretty well

    @ Me…Nah no fancy bits of HTML here. But you can tweak your template if you know CSS…now I don’t know….so…

    @ T.D… only consolation is LIFE GETS EVEN sometime…

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