The Journey

The long small journey of a blogger.

Although this wordpress page is something new to me, blogging isn’t. I am still just 8 months young in this field.

My original page is at blogger where I began blogging in Jan 2006, to kill time during my vacations. Obviously, I was inspired by a few blogs, notably so of Mukta, Nagesh and one Shashank. Of course before this I had a page at yahoo 360 where I never blogged. Still don’t. Thats just for the feeds now from blogger. And to comment on other yahoo 360 blogs. Serious blogging began only in January when one of my posts on a yahoo group called Konkani Buddies won me a few good comments and a good friend who is now my fiance. Thats another story.

Later I made a page at multiply, as a backup in case I lose my blogs at blogger due to any reason.

Initially blogging was limited to posting, getting a few comments and moving on. Now however I am almost addicted to blogging, busy updating my templates, checking out other blogs, linking them to mine, gaining popularity in the blogosphere. Every incidents happening around me now is a potential blog topic. I have made a few net friends too over the blogosphere. Basically a blooger fan, I came across a few wordpress blogs. Being a blogger sincere person, I refrained from making any pages here. But then finally as you see I have given in to the temptation. Lets see, which site I am more comfortable with. Shall continue there.

I believe over the months I have matured as a blogger. The writing style, topic selection and not to mention the increasing knowledge of different add ons.

So here I end my first post…….Ciao


8 responses to “The Journey

  1. hi,
    im a bud in this garden of blog…
    nice to know so many lovely people around here.i wish my journey would be as great as urs…many things are new to me but its like im getting addicted to it.i have started here for making my project but now i think i have a long stay here…
    have a great journey to you ahead and for me also…
    take care..

  2. Aww is that how u guys met? cute…
    i used to blog at xanga before i moved to blogspot..neways nice .. shall try and keep track of all your blog avatars

  3. The wordpress offerings in plugins and themes are much richer than blogspots. Thats what sold me over.

    I like your writing style. I hope i can soon join the ranks of a regular at your blogs.

  4. @ Mona…thanks, and good luck for your journey.

    @, so you like blogger better than xanga?

    @ Anshul..thanks you are kind. And you are always welcome.

  5. ehh i dont care.. its just a matter of posting.. spewing my thoughts out..
    blogger is more social that is for sure

  6. aww thats u guys met online and are now engaged. too cute =). i met one of my bestest friends online too *potential love interest* but thats also another story..
    i started blogging on blogspot around 2003, moved to xanga, and now im back. i actually like xanga because it lets you change ure page with more freedom. blogger doesnt let me do that.. atleast not that i know off.

  7. @ Aditi..ya Blogger is more social….

    @ Pooja…thanks..good luck with your story. If you cahnge your template on blogger you lose all the changes you made to it. Like the blogroll for one. But not so here. You can change your template like your clothes and its fine. Plus zero gyaan of HTML required. But then again…blogger was how I LEARNED a bit of HTML…so its fun. Bottomline…Ilike both but a comfortable with blogger…

  8. Seems that the life at the hospital is giving you lot to write…

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