Self Advertising’s my maiden attempt at fiction. That is if you exclude the funny essays I wrote in school with titles like ‘An hour at the bookstall/railway station’, ‘It happened one night..’ and so on.

The post is called ‘Thoughts’


6 responses to “Self Advertising

  1. Thats a lovely story…and so real! ( in the indian context)
    Keep writing!

    Thanks for visiting my blog Varsha!

  2. pardon me if I’m wrong, but have you changed the title of your blog???

  3. nice story,Varsha..
    Mystic musings to fragrant flowers? nice..

  4. @ Dwaipayan and Gangadhar…thanks, ya I cahged the name, just found too many blogs with the titles “musings” or even “mystic”…so something different….

  5. the fragrance flowers line is really nice 🙂

  6. hey thanks endevourme!

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