Terror ! !

They strike again…or almost. Police foiled the plans for bombing of 10 planes in Britain. The attakers are said to be British men and links with Pakistan said to be established. Al Quaida again.

Dekh tere sansar ki halat kya ho gayi Bhagwan!!


14 responses to “Terror ! !

  1. Its horrible.. but it was averted in time..it could have been a lot worse

  2. You are not safe anywhere in the world.

  3. yeah that is a shocker, I wonder how they went about it though, catching the culprits/suspects that bit is not too clear tho

  4. @ aditi..ya wud have been a terror had it not been interrupted

    @ starry….true..its all your fate..

    @ Mellowdrama…not many details are out yet. How I wish Indian intelligence too could have averted the 11/7 blasts

  5. I hope I am able to fly out on time.

  6. That and I heard on BBC radio this morning on my drive, that the US embassy has asked Americans in India to be careful about attacks in India since it is around independence day. Later..

  7. They’ll keep trying.

  8. @ Dadoji…I hope so too….

    @ Jay..hope IDay is fine. There are alerts at all malls, theatres and places of public gathering already

    @ Anil…yaa….when will this nonsensical homicide stop?

  9. Hmm God Save us from the foreign as well as domestic terrorists that we vote.

  10. hi varsha, we in USA thought tht it was a repeat of circa 9 11 2001. and the subsequent depression(economic and psychological both). thank gawd it was averted!! pray tht nothin ever occurs again for all ur ptv bandhav in USA come here to make a living!!

  11. God it sure was scary.. and now restrictions on hand baggage. Sigh!!

  12. @ Nagesh…true…

    @ Tilo…take care..hows you?

    @ Me.ya..mad restrictions, ain’t they?

  13. it’s really dreadful…seen about it in the news..
    btw welcome to my wordpress blog..
    keep visiting

  14. thank god, nothing happened

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