Happy Birthday

Had a good time yesterday on my birthday. Nagesh , mom and Supriya made elaborate designs to get me out of home, to decorate the house and give me a surprise party.My buddies Anuja, Amrita, Namyata, Rajvee, Ashish, Rohit and Supriya’s fiance Kiran too were the members of the party…. the results are here in the photos and Nagesh’s account of the party.

Will write about the whole party soon.


17 responses to “Happy Birthday

  1. Hey there…

    Belated b’day wishes. Look like you had a nice time.

    And about that daily dose scrolling… it’s kinda hard to explain, so assuming from a layman’s POV, here’s the code below. yeh yeh, I already know i’m a genius πŸ˜€

    < marquee scrollamount='1' direction =up height="100 or depends on your choice" >
    < ul >

    < li >insert the a href code for hyperlink line break < /li >

    < /ul >< /marquee >

    just remove the spaces for the code to activate it.


  2. O I luv surprises!! You must have had a wonderful day. Many many happy returns:)

    p.s. Awesome pictures. The cake on your face must have been quite a treat;)

  3. Hey Doc, Once again Hearty Wishes!
    Nice snaps too!

  4. Belated b’day wishes to u.

    Nice blog u have. Keep up the good job.

  5. Nice pictures and wonderful captions. I especially liked the babumoshai one.

    Best wishes on your birthday. I am not going to ask you how many times you have celebrated your 18th birthday but I must ask you to pass on the cake.

  6. @ Me..thanks a lot

    @ Dadoji…thanks a lot.I turned 23. Cake will reach you….send me your address πŸ˜‰

    @ Aparna, Shama, Pushpa…THANKS A LOT

  7. belated happy birthday!!!
    sorry i am running behind schedule..
    nice pictures.. i concur on the babumoshai pic =)

  8. varsha: You can meet me and aditi and bring the cake along. We will treat you with ice-cream.

  9. Happy birthday and thanks for stopping by my blog.please do come again.

  10. @ dadoji and varsha
    ohh yea..have ice cream will trade

  11. nice pics..but i would like to know abt anuja πŸ™‚ …thnx for visiting my blog.

  12. still partying kya??

  13. hey wow,
    looks like u had quite an eventful party..belated bday wishes!
    Wishing for many such beautiful bday celebrations!

  14. Belated happy birthday. Looks like fun was had by all and in generous helpings too. πŸ™‚

  15. @ Jay…ya the party was fun..

    @Ekta…thanks a lot

    @ me….party over but still on a high πŸ™‚

    @ naren…sorry i am not a matchmaker.plus anuja is committed..

    @ dadoji and aditi…ya i am game for a meet!! must give you guys some cake and eat some ice cream..yummy!!

  16. aight then we will all meet up once dadoji makes it back

  17. happy belated b’day.. now u can wish me belated b’day too.. πŸ˜› LOL.. enjoy..

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