What not to say to a woman in labour

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Four months ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. And I am still surprised that she isn’t hiding in my uterus because of the unspeakable, scary things that were said to her mother during labour.

Oh, this pain is just 20 percent of what you’ll be feeling a few hours later’ 

Why, thank you doctor for that uplifting assurance, given while I was practically rolling about the floor in agony. I don’t know why some practitioners seem to relish freaking out patients in pain – another woman I know was even told that ‘if this pain is Kanyakumari, just you wait till you get to Kashmir’. Guess what? Such statements are NOT helpful. I was fairly stoic up to the point that I met this doctor, but I completely broke down after her cheery reminder. Instead of getting through each moment, I started seeing labour as this…

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Things That REALLY Piss Me Off

This is not in any particular sequence really. Just a bundle of all things that piss me off.

1. The Fairness Obsession

Why oh why are we so crazy about looking fair? Really is beauty just skin deep ? And if skin deep, is it related just to the colour of the skin. Even international brands have to come up with their fairness products for their Indian customers. To add insult to injury, we have a bunch of fairness products for men as well. So we are not satisfied with the innumerable insecure vs smugly fair girls we have created over the years. Now we want boys nursing inferiority or superiority complexes as well.

2. Littering

We love to praise how beautiful and clean things are where our chacha ki saas ke bhai ki padosee ki beti stays in the “States”. And still we believe that all places outside our homes are public dustbins. Leave aside littering the railway tracks, platforms and public transport buses, we do not even shy from dumping our garbage bins in front of someone else’s house. Some even have the audacity of fighting with those who condemn their actions.

3. Wastage

We waste food. Leftovers are “dirty” and “unhealthy” for consumption and are shamelessly emptied into dustbins! This leftover can well be eaten but that’s another issue. Cooking in amounts you need makes a whole lot of sense. If its too much effort we can still pass it on to our servants or hungry kids. But waste it is.

Then we waste electricity…..

4. Size Zero

Its unhealthy, its actually sick. And it has added more insecurities in minds of young girls and women than they can handle. I have a reason to believe that size zero looks good probably only on the ramp and for the kind of clothes that are worn in a fashion show. No more, nowhere else. I want all men reading this to please tell me whether they would choose a size zero or a curvy more voluptuous woman for themselves. Or would they rate her more attractive than the latter.

5. Rudeness

OK, you are smarter, richer….but hello what gives you a right to be rude to someone who is your sub ordinate, junior or “lesser” than you. You deserve one tight slap, no less. Rudeness=Sickness. Period

Why Oh Why

do some people refuse to accept new things?

Whats Going on…

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Head Hit Hard


Anaesthesia can be painful at times. Ya oxymoron, I know. But trying to search for a thesis topic which is not a headache, not warped up in ethical issues, cost effective, not done by anyone else, not too many parameters to compare, yet unique, useful and above all… accepted by the guide



…and embarrassingly long for the neighbours to know